Bows Vintage Kimono

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Bows Vintage Kimono

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Info & Care

This lovely kimono with its red black and white design has all the hallmarks of a meisen kimono*. The gown has a part cotton / part rayon lining.

  • There are some stains present due to wear particularly on the collar, lapel and the lining (see images) and along the hem area.
  • Handsewn
  • Belt not included
  • Dry-cleaning recommended

Approximate Length:140cm

Material: Silk with cotton/rayon lining

History: Vintage

*Meisen kimono, made using inexpensive but long-lasting silk, are characterised by bold designs in vibrant and bright colours. They became popular for everyday wear in the early 20th century due to their very affordable costs.

Meisen silk was inexpensive because it is made from imperfect silk cocoons. Dye is applied to the non-white threads during the weaving process using a stencilling method called kasuri; bright colours being cleverly used to hide any discolouration. As the stencils used for the dyings were never completely lined up, meisen designs are often distinguishable by their blurred edges. The striking designs created for meisen kimono in the first half of the 20th century were not strongly influenced by classical nature and seasons, and instead were often bold, “modern” and abstract.

Meisen gowns often have cotton or part cotton lining. This type of lining became common during the 2nd World War due to silk shortages. Production of meisen stopped around the 1950s - suggesting this kimono is over a half century old.

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