Frequently Asked Questions

Kimono FAQ

Q. Are your kimonos made in Japan?

A. Yes, all our kimonos are made in Japan either in Kyoto or Tokyo.

Q. I am of slim build and wish to know if one of your kimonos will fit me.

A. Height is the main factor in deciding which kimono or yukata size would best fit you. Our gowns are of a wrap-around style, therefore you can adjust the width fitting of your garment by wrapping the front panels around more or less accordingly. Having said this you may find that our kimonos are large around your shoulders if you are very slim.

Q. I am a full figured woman and would like to know if one of your kimonos will fit me.

A. We think our women's standard yukata and kimonos are sufficient to allow an overlap for a person with up to 44" bust/waist/hips. We also stock our Plum Blossom and Bird kimono in a wide-fitting size which we believe should fit someone with bust up to 50".

Q. I am a well-built man and would like to know if one of your kimonos will fit me.

A. We think our largest men's yukata are sufficient to allow an overlap for a person with up to 48" chest/waist/hips.

Q. According to your size recommendation my height is borderline between two yukata sizes. I am well-built. Which size should I choose?

A. If you are well-built and your height is borderline between two yukata sizes, we suggest you choose the larger of the two sizes.

Q. According to your size recommendations my height is borderline between two yukata sizes. I am slim-built. Which size should I choose?

A. If you are slim-built and your height is borderline between two yukata sizes, we suggest you choose the smaller of the two sizes if you prefer the gown to hang above your ankle. If you would prefer to wear the gown long we recommend you choose the larger size. Please note, a gown that is too long can always be hemmed up or alternatively, material round the waistline can be folded up and tucked in under an obi belt.

Q. I have an old kimono I would like to replace. I have measured this to compare the size with the sizes of your kimonos. Can you define your length measurement?

A. The length of our yukata / kimono is as measured from the base of the collar to the hem of the gown. Your old kimono is likely to have shrunk a little in the wash so please allow for this when comparing measurements.

Q. I have a cotton kimono which I brought back from Japan. It is fully lined. Do you sell lined kimono?

A. Your kimono is likely to be a lined kimono called a nemaki. A nemaki is a type of yukata lined with fine cotton gauze. Our suppliers do not generally make nemaki but as several of our customers have requested these we have had some nemaki specially made. Currently, we stock two sizes of nemaki (to fit heights approximately 5ft5" to 6ft1").

Q. I am interested in a yukata in a particular pattern but it does not appear to come in the size I want. Do you carry this yukata in my size?

A. We have a range of gown sizes available from petite (50") to women's small yukata (53") to men's 3L yukata (64"). However not all our gowns come in all sizes. Please contact us if you are not sure if a particular kimono / yukata you like is available in the size you require.

Q. What is the difference between your men's and women's kimono / yukata robes?

A. Apart from differences in width and length the main difference between our men's and women's kimono / yukata robes is in the style of sleeves. Whereas the men's sleeves are joined top and bottom to the gown (as with standard dressing gowns) the women's sleeves are unattached at the underarm and have an opening at this underarm side. Having said this there is no reason why our women's kimonos wouldn't be suitable for smaller men. Similarly, our men's kimonos would be suitable for taller women.

Q. Are your kimonos suitable for winter and summer?

A. Our kimonos can be worn throughout the year. We have a range of gowns of varying thickness of cotton. We also have nemaki kimonos which are gauze lined for extra softness and warmth. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the thickness of cotton of any particular kimono.

Q. The openings of the sleeves on my kimono have been sewn half way up. Why is this?

A. Our yukata, nemaki and most of our kimono come with this traditional style of sleeve. Sleeves may have been styled in this way to allow them to be used as a kind of pocket for carrying small items such as fans.

Q. Are your kimonos suitable to wear as fancy dress costumes?

A. Yes, many of our customers use our kimonos to wear to fancy dress parties. For extra comfort/warmth you can always wear shorts or leggings and a T-shirt underneath. The bonus of buying a kimono for a fancy dress party is that you can continue to use the kimono to wear around your home after the party is over!

Q. Do your kimonos come with belts?

A. All our gowns come with belts similar to standard dressing gown belts (approx. 4.5cm width) made from the same material as the gown itself. We also sell basic obi belts in a range of colours allowing you to create, if you wish, a contrast with the colours of your kimono.

Q. Why do your gowns have no pockets and belt loops?

A. Our new gowns are made in a traditional Japanese style with no belt loops or pockets. Lack of belt loops allows the gown to be tied at the most convenient position and pockets would spoil the look and line of the garment. Please note our wrappers/knee-length gowns do generally have a single pocket.

Q. How are your obi belts fastened?

A. Our basic obi belts are long pieces of fabric (10cm wide) that are tied in the same way as a dressing gown belt in a bow at the side, front or back. They will help tie your kimono more securely than the dressing gown style belt that the gown comes with.

Q. How should I wash my kimono?

A. Each of our new gowns has its own label with care guidelines which we recommend you follow. The majority of our new cotton/polyester garments can be washed by machine. The kimono / happi coats with embroidered designs (including our Zen and Namiryu) we recommend you wash only by hand. For cleaning of our second-hand haori and kimono we recommend dry cleaning unless otherwise stated in the individual product description.

Q. Do you allow returns?

A. We fully understand that it is difficult to choose a gown over the internet. If you order a gown and find that is unsuitable we offer full refunds for items returned to us within 14 days or alternatively, we would be happy to exchange it for a different gown/size.

Delivery FAQ

Q. How long will it take for an order to be delivered within the UK?

A. Any orders received by 12 noon (Mon-Fri) are dispatched on the same day otherwise they will be dispatched on the next working day. We generally use Royal Mail* delivery. The expected delivery time for our standard delivery option is 1-5 working days. This is not guaranteed so for anything urgent/essential we recommend using our special delivery option.

*for larger/heavier orders we may choose to use Parcelforce or another courier service.

With our special delivery option, for orders received before 12 noon (Mon-Fri), your order is guaranteed to arrive before 1pm on the next working day (Mon-Fri). For orders received after 12 noon (Mon- Fri) or anytime Sat/Sun your order will be guaranteed to arrive by 1pm on the second working day (Mon-Fri) after your order was placed.

Please note, the above conditions do not apply if payment is made by cheque or if Royal Mail is unable to offer a guarantee due to industrial action or if our office is closed during holiday periods - information regarding office holiday dates will be posted on the shopping basket page.

Q. How long would it take for an order to be delivered to outside the UK?

A. Most orders for delivery outside the UK received by 12 noon (Mon-Fri) are dispatched on the same day otherwise dispatch will be the next working day. We generally use Royal Mail Air Mail delivery. According to the Royal Mail this service generally takes 3-5 working days. This is not guaranteed therefore we advise you to allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. For a small number of orders (those greater than 2Kg) we would choose to use a courier service for delivery. In this case we would contact you with details of dispatch and the expected delivery schedule.

Q. Do you provide tracking information?

A. For orders dispatched by special delivery and courier, tracking information will be supplied. If you are worried that your order is taking longer than expected to arrive please contact us to see whether we can supply further information.

Q. Do you deliver to my country?

A. If your country is not listed in our list of current shipping destinations please feel free to contact us for consideration.